Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Wee Bit of Scotland and Piping

We just returned from our annual Door County WI trip but before posting about that I want to share one more Scotland photo. This final photo is one that I really love because I have seen this view many times on my visits.

This is the pastoral scene as one looks out from the back of Marsie's house. She lives on the edge of an estate (subdivision in the US.)

The following photos are from the Springfield IL St. Andrews Highland Games on May 16. In the first photo Pipe Major Kevin Nickerson is tuning my pipes. In the second photo, Scott McCauley from Chicago Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band is helping our pipers tune.

It takes a while to tune a pipe band and tuning never really ends. The chanters need to be tuned, note to note, and then the three drones on each set of pipes. All have to be in tune with the other pipes in the band. We are tuning right up until we march into the competition circle. In the last photo we are in the competition circle playing our medley: Stornaway Bay, High Road to Gairloch, Teribus, and The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel.

Our next competition is this Saturday, June 6, in Milwaukee WI. We have a big practice lined up for Thursday night.


Marie said...

I love how often you get to play your pipes in public. I think it's wonderful. They really are an instrument to be shared.

Knitted Piper said...

WOW ... I envy you !! I have been taking lessons, off and on, but it's so difficult it seems to find enough time to practice. I've thought about looking into joining a band, but I currently only have a practice chanter (and I dont play very well !!)

keep it up !!!

Anonymous said...

Dad is a piper and uses his ipad to listen to piobaireachd. I am making him an ipad coer for Christmas and wanted to include a silhouette of a piper or perhaps pipes in the cover.

I can't find a pattern of a piper. or pipes. Any ideas?

Katecradts on reavelry

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