Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Binnie's Vennel and other Paths in Culross

We walked down "Binnie's Vennel" to reach the walking path by the firth. I am guessing that "vennel" is a sort of alleyway. Anyway, I love saying that name and had to take a photo. It was a bonus that the nameplate was on a stone wall, but then, there are stone walls everywhere in Culross.

After our walk we found Judy, the proprietor of St. Mungo's, a lovely Bed and Breakfast just down the road. Judy's bright and beautiful kitchen has windows that showcase the emerging spring garden out back. Judy was the keeper of the key to our lodging for the night.

Back at Robin's house we were able to go through the house to the back garden which is very private. Eley House has thick walls which means beautiful and functional deep window sills, each of which frames a calming view.

Inside the house we found sweet pressies and a welcome note from Robin. I had knitted a few dishcloths for her. See the cloth on the table? The colors in the two dishcloths at left were amazingly close.
Later on we walked the block or so down the quaint street, Lower Causeway, for dinner at The Red Lion, which I believe is the only place in the village where one can eat an evening meal. We had a wonderful day and looked forward to more exploration in the morning.


KPiep said...

If nothing else, I think I'm learning from your blog that I need to make travel more of a priority. We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon 10 years ago, and perhaps we need to change that.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and serene. Someday I hope to visit Scotland.

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