Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day for Piping

Last Saturday our band competed in our first competition of the season. Friday it rained and stormed all day. There were flash flood warnings--and actual flash floods--and more rain than the news weatherman could remember in one day. So the fields were wet, but the pipers and drummers, marched on!

One of our pipers posted a video on u-tube of Celtic Cross Pipes and Drum's competition. In this video you will see and hear us marching into the circle and playing a set of 4 tunes. The people walking around the circle and writing on clipboards are judges. There were two piping judges, one drumming judge, and one ensemble judge. (Ensemble is how well the pipes and drums play together.) We placed #2 in our grade level that day so we were pleased.

Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums Competition

You will get a glimpse of me off to the right once or twice during the performance.

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