Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea, Wool, and Friends

After saying goodbye to charming Culross we stopped to visit Marsie's mum and dad in their home outside of Glasgow. They are an amazing couple, well into their 90's and still living on their own. As is our custom on my visits we enjoyed tea and biscuits in their home.

Wool has eluded me on my previous trips to Scotland. All those sheep grazing on the fells were surely tempting reminders. Shortly before this trip I met Tigerlilith on Ravelry. She has an online shop Old Maiden Aunt Yarns as well as a storefront in the small village of West Kilbride on the west coast of Scotland. Marsie graciously drove me to West Kilbride where we managed to find both the shop and Lilith. She was just leaving for the day and spied me in my shawl from across the street. What lovely colors and blends she has! She has a special Homecoming Collection (250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns). I was proud of myself for making a quick decision in the midst of color overload. Even the names such as "Bracken" and "Ae Fond Kiss" conjur up romantic thoughts. Sigh. I did quite well with my 3 laceweight skeins, one sock weight, and one special skein in a color designed by the young Scottish designer Ysolda Teague. I can't wait to see what Ysolda designs for this wool! Lilith carefully wrapped my parcel in tissue paper. She is camera shy but I promised she would not have to pose. She looks lovely, doesn't she?

Later that evening we met Marsie's friends for dinner at The Coffee Club in Kilmarnock. I would say we had quite a full day!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love all those colors of yarn.

KPiep said...

Oh my...I had a peek at that yarn store, and her yarn is lovely. The Bracken color is especially pretty!

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