Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windows, Doors, and Pathways

After a good sleep we walked to a local cafe for breakfast. Then strolled through the town of Culross and up the hill to the Abbey ruins.

Mossy stones and walls always attract my eye.

I could live in a wee cottage like this.


Anonymous said...

With regards to "I could live in a wee cottage like this."
You would definately need another to fit the yarn in.
I am enjoying your "snaps" ( British for pictures).

Paula said...

Ha!;) That is probably true, although my stash is a reasonable two large bins and a couple of bags with projects that will soon be on the needles.

Paula said...

Oh, I just remembered the swift, ball winder, needles, and 3 shelves of knitting books. You are right. Another cottage right next door would suit me just fine.

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