Friday, July 24, 2009

A Celebration of Knitters

Last week the ladies in our prayer shawl group, Knit One Pray Too, met at a local coffee house, The Blend. Three of our friends have consecutive birthdays so it is a fun time to celebrate their milestones and give them cards. One of them turned 91 this week! I feel so blessed to know each one of them. We are growing in our prayer life together. One friend is going through cancer treatments so she is continually in our prayers. After our coffee and conversation yesterday we formed a prayer circle to bless shawls. These shawls will be given to people who are going through life transitions. Many of the situations are difficult ones, although we can celebrate as well in the midst of trouble.

I finished another Prayer Shawl but am not sure who will be the recipient. It is the same as one I made last summer: lots of garter stitch with lace borders at both ends. I think I'm done with that for a while!

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