Monday, July 13, 2009

Whisper Cardigan Unveiled

Since we had a little photo shoot on Sunday I am going to be posting about some of the sweaters I've recently made for myself. I've been on hiatus in that department for about 10 years (but still knitting sweaters for my menfolk) and I had forgotten how relatively quickly they knit up for me. Well, I'm considerably smaller than all of them. Since joining Ravelry I've found designers who relate to knitters like me; that is, knitters who don't like to sew seams and have a few curves on the body.

Hannah Fettig's Whisper Cardigan is a great design and so much fun to knit. Although it uses a lace weight yarn (size 3 needles for me), the project went fairly quickly until I got to the last section which was a lot of stockinette. I was all but done with it but couldn't decide how long to make the section that hangs down from the midsection ribbing. If you plan to knit this sweater, the schematic on Hannah Fettig's website Knitbot is helpful. The design is not at all difficult to knit once you understand the construction. The only modifications I made were (1) bound off neck part of ribbing in I-cord. I tried 3 times to do it loosely enough with a larger needle and it didn't work for me. (2) lengthened sleeves to 3/4 and eliminated the bell of the sleeve. The sleeves still look rather bell-like. (3) lengthened the body section so it would hang down further on my torso.

I'm still getting used to the way it fits me. Let' s just say it tends to enhance the bust area. I would like for it to be just an inch or two larger but it still works. It only took two skeins of Knit Picks Gloss (alpaca/silk) and at $4 a skein (you do the math), that is a pretty inexpensive sweater and a whole lot of entertainment.

Note: I am not wearing white nylons. And yes, my ankles really are that pale.


KPiep said...

Congrats on a beautiful sweater! And I often have to explain my pale legs too....

Marie said...

Yay on finally making the time to knit yourself a sweater. It really looks wonderful on you. The color is so pretty.

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