Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Knitting

Last week I started Something Red, a top down cardigan, by Wendy Bernard. I love the instant gratification of buying patterns online and downloading them immediately! It is similar to a free pattern called Mr. Greenjeans so I waffled about buying one vs using the freebie. Then I noticed the waist shaping on Wendy's pattern and decided that was worth the price. I was right. It looks as if it is going to fit me great. I tried it on my body double and "she" approved. Knitting from the top down seems faster to me but it might be that I am accustomed to knitting for larger people. I'm still on that ME ME ME kick.

So on Saturday I'm off to my business convention, The Bee, in Columbus OH. My traveling companion offered to drive her Honda Pilot so guess what that means....oh yeah, knitting time for ME! I will take the Something Red but just in case it gets unwieldy, I started a fun little Grid Pattern Kitchen Towel by Luni. I usually lay a towel on the granite countertop when I'm handwashing dishes. I thought this would look nice and offer a little extra cushioning for the wet dishes. After just a few rows I am liking the colors and the pattern is easy and fun. Thank you, Luni!

More notes are on my Ravelry Projects pages.

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