Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a Blue Liesl

I finally finished off my second Liesl (designed by Ysolda) this time in a color called "Lake". It looks teal to me in real life, but the photos certainly look more blue. I made it one size larger. After taking these photos I decided that the sweater falling off my shoulders was a bit of a nuisance so I added a few rows of garter stitch at the neckline to pull it up. It fits a lot better now. At the beginning of each garter stitch row I knit two together (the second and third stitches to keep the edge tidy) so the corner would taper off. Instead of putting buttonholes in as the pattern called for, I added them later with a 2 stitch I-cord border on both left and right fronts. I searched my button box for old buttons...could they be a closer match in color?

While knitting my first Liesl I had a little trouble picking up the cast on stitches under the arm. This time I ran a contrasting thread through these stitches right after casting them on. What a difference that made! It made the task easy peasy.

So this is what the sleeve looked liked before picking up to knit downward. I think the sleeves are a little long.
There are notes on yarn and yardage on my Ravelry projects page.
Usually I knit a pattern and am done with it. There are very few that I want to make again. This is an exception. I can't wait to knit another Liesl! I want a red one!


KPiep said...

Another beautiful finished project! Enjoy your new sweater!

Marie said...

I just love Ysolda's designs. Your Liesl cardigan looks beautiful. I think the buttons look fine. They blend so well with the sweater.

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