Monday, March 22, 2010

Behold an Angel

Preemie Cardigan by Carol Barenys is a free pattern that came in very handy when my friend, Heather, was expecting her baby a few weeks early. I knit the 4-5 lb size and the baby was 5 lb 4 oz at birth. It is a perfect fit with just a bit of growing room. The wool is Lamb's Pride Superwash. The cotton bunny is from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding. The bag fabric is Moda's Hopscotch, a 1920's reproduction line. I used fusible web and plain white fabric to fix the bunny label on the bag. I used a fabric pen to write the the new baby's name.

I've been using embroidery floss (6 strands) to sew on buttons. I want to make sure these buttons don't become loose and become and endangerment to Baby. The blue toothpick is holding the button away from the knitting so there is space to wrap the floss around it to make a shank. I also use small buttons on the reverse side to keep the knitting from pulling.

Button bands are my nemesis. One feature of this sweater that I really like is the painless knit-as-you-go button band. The sweater construction is top down in one piece.

At first I used white button thread (top button) but thought of the idea of using floss to match the buttons a little better. I took the white thread buttons out.

Isn't this the picture of an angel? He is so beautiful!


joyknits said...

Lovely gifts and what a cutie!

KPiep said...

What a beautiful baby!

And the knits are pretty nice, too!

Sandy Ziegler said...

Hi There!
Somehow, I recently stumbled across your blog and I want to thank you for taking the time to write such an excellent blog with beautiful pictures! If I remember correctly, I found you on Ravelry while looking at patterns. You made a cardigan from Interweave Magazine and I was admiring your picture that you posted. I then went to your blog page and read EVERY blog you have ever posted!!! I love the fact that you are so precise when describing how you made something and I love the beautiful photo's. I have gotten so many ideas from you and I want to knit so many things that you have made. I loved your pictures from Scotland. Have you ever read the "Outland" book series? It consists of seven books, the first is called, "Outlander" and they are written by a gal named Diana Gabaldon. The first three books take place in Scotland. These books rank among my all time favorites. I would say they are packed with adventure, love, mystery, and history. I'm sure you would enjoy them as it sounds as if you love to read as I do. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that someone way out in sunny California enjoys your writings, knitting, and pictures.
Happy Stitches To You!

Paula said...

Thank you everyone!

Sandy, thanks for taking the time to write so many nice comments. Would you please send me your Ravelry name?

Sandy Ziegler said...

Hi Paula,
My Ravelry name is hemethoney and my daughter is dlaine. We rarely post our projects on Ravelry. I guess we're too lazy :-) But, that's us. I live next door to my only daughter and her family. She and her husband both teach 3rd grade. We do alot of knitting together. Hay! I have also ordered from the Woolen Rabbit. Nice yarn, huh? I'm sure you would enjoy reading her blog. I don't have a blog!
Have a good day!

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