Monday, March 15, 2010

They Call it Puppy Love

This little guy surely one of the cutest knitted toys I've ever made. You will find my Ravelry notes here. The pattern, Wrap-Me-Up Puppy by Susan B. Anderson is from her book Itty-Bitty Toys.

Although I recommended this book earlier in my blog I can heartily validate that recommendation now that I have knitted one of the toys. Susan is one of the best pattern writers around. The directions are clear and she confirms the number of stitches at the end of all rows where there are increases or decreases, and sometimes in-between. A novice knitter could probably knit this toy with just a little help. Usually when I finish knitting a toy I can think of several ways I could have changed the pattern to make it easier and sometimes I do that as I knit. With Puppy I made no modifications to the pattern. I have to say that is extremely unusual for me. The only result I was unsatisfied with was that despite my best attempts, the back legs extend at different angles, a trait you cannot see in my photos. I was so certain I was sewing them on in an identical fashion, but apparently not. On the positive side, a child will not care about that detail. I am planning on this toy to be my second drop for The Toy Society. I'll wait for him to tell me where he wants to go.

My first drop for The Toy Society is on their blog for March 14, 2010. #991.

In addition to the clarity of instruction what I love most about the patterns in the book is that each pattern has a creative twist to it. Most are interactive in a special way. I think any child would love wrapping this puppy up in his cozy blanket, don't you?


KPiep said...

I'm glad you are enjoying this project so much...and he is a very cute puppy!

joyknits said...

What a cutie!

MttR said...

I saw your puppy on Ravelry. The idea of wrapping the little dog up in a blanket is really good.

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