Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Lovely Tea with New Friends

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a Danish couple who are visiting friends here. I had heard on Monday that they were in our town for a short time and was so eager to meet them. It isn't often I have a chance to visit with Danes and speak Danish. So much vocabulary has gone by the wayside, but I can still hold my own in a conversation and understand almost everything. It is amazing what remains in the subconscious, lingering for so many years. Sometimes I even surprise myself when the right words comes out of my mouth.
It was so much like summer today that I was able to set our tea table on the deck (which got a good scrubbing yesterday in preparation.) As we chatted in Danish, drinking our tea and eating pastries from Trefzger's and strawberries, I could almost imagine being in Denmark again, remembering my student days there.
It is a shame that Flemming and Pia are leaving tomorrow, but I am so glad we had this lovely time together.


angela said...

I'm impressed. I've always wished for that moment when I think in another language--countless courses still didn't seem to fix that. I think there is no substitute for living in another country.

KPiep said...

Some of my favorite people in my hometown are Danes. (And I can never remember how to spell her name...) Lovely people, and if they are at all representative of their home country than it must be a lovely country!

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