Friday, April 2, 2010

Fair Isle Part 1

Once I got to the armholes the knitting did go a lot faster as the circumference became smaller with every round and the knitting fell into more of a rhythm. I chose machine stitching on the steeks since there were 3 steeks (2 arms and 1 v-neck). That seemed like too much crochet. I prefer red wool to mark the path. Tradition rules!

Although I cut my first steeks in Denmark in 1974, it still feels like magic when the shears do their magic. I cut steeks on my very first knitting project, an Faeroese drop shoulder sweater in cream with green color pattern throughout. Youth is fearless.

The amount of ends to darn in was a bit daunting. Yes, I know they can be woven in as you go but there was enough going on at the time. One more thing might have pushed me over the edge.

The inside of a Fair Isle sweater is beautiful also; that is, once the ends are woven in.


MttR said...
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MttR said...

Lovely fair isle. As for the cutting, it gives me the shiver just to think about it. God pÄske :))Mette

KPiep said...

Makes me want to run to the yarn store for a colorwork project....

joyknits said...

You mean you no longer have to go and lie down in a darkened room ;o)

angela said...

Wow, on your first project you steeked? i'm going backwards then. Not afraid of double pointed needles, but steeking...and fair isle for that matter...not yet.

Easter blessings!

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