Friday, April 2, 2010

Fair Isle Part 2--Finished!

I knit a size 43 chest on size 3 needles.

At the beginning of this project many moons ago, I cast on provisionally using the crochet cast-on (thank you, Lucy Neatby tutorial). So my last task was picking out the provisional cast on and knitting the corrugated ribbing from the bottom of the vest down. I really like this idea because if the vest tends to shrink a bit in length, as garments sometimes do over time, I can easily lengthen it at the ribbing.

Corrugated ribbing is slow-going for me. I hold the main color in my left and pick it up, and then purl with my right hand in the secondary color. I could only do about 5 rows before getting rather tired. More on that later.

I'm sure my husband's engineering students are oogling his handknits as we speak. Right.

I changed the colors in the corrugated ribbing for the neck and arms to a darker palette of Heather and Natural Black

The ribbing at the bottom is Natural Black, Moorit, Ghillie Green, and Heather. I like the way the darker colors frame the vest, although the original color choices are quite nice also.

The kit from Schoolhouse Press was quite generous. I did buy two extra skeins of Oatmeal but only because I had delved into that color for another project. In fact, I think I have enough left to eek out another vest. Sigh. But not right now.


KPiep said...

Oh Paula, it's GORGEOUS!

But drat you...I just ordered kits of a completely different flavor for the girls for Christmas. Now I want to call Schoolhouse Press ASAP to order traditional fair isle of some sort...and I just should NOT do that (yet!)!

In other earn today's title of 'foul yarn temptress.' :)

MttR said...

Så smuk! You have done a fantastic piece of knitting art.. This is an heirloom :))

Kim said...'s stunning!

kris said...

wow!!! thats beautiful!

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