Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea Leaves Cardigan Progress

Tea Leaves Cardigan is coming along nicely. I finished the yoke and about two inches of the body. Then I knit one of the sleeves, jumping up one size on the pattern. When I tried it on it was a bit like having my blood pressure taken. It seems the style now is for rather snug fitting sleeves. So I took out the entire sleeve and added 9 stitches (about 2") to the underarm. This larger version is still plenty snug for me. I haven't decided whether to make the sleeves 3/4 length, as the pattern calls for, or full length.

The color of the sweater is vermillion, not hot pink. I can't get a good read on the color with my camera. The body fits nicely.

The top of the sleeve only measure 11" around. My arm is about 12". This photos is closer to the true color of the Tosh Merino.

I had to get my hands on some of Knit Picks' new Stroll Tonals. This superwash merino is quite nice, isn't it? I had baby sweaters in mind when I ordered these but they could also become shawls or socks. The Spring Green and Gold Glow are my favorites, although I always love a good red.


joyknits said...

Coming along very nicely indeed :o) Love the red yarn!

KPiep said...

You're moving very quickly! Looks good so far!

Those new knit picks yarns are scrumptious. I've been very tempted myself, but have so far managed to restrain myself.

So far.

angela said...

It looks beautiful!

The more I take pictures of work, the more I want to do. It's very encouraging. The only way I've found to get true yarn colors is to turn off the flash--which means going to a sunny window or outside...

Thea said...

Looks like it will be a nice and cozy cardigan.

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