Friday, April 9, 2010

Needle Organization

All knitters must come to grips with organizing the growing needle collection. (Remember when we were beginning knitters and we thought that once we had a circular needle and dpn's in every size, we would have enough? Ha. Don't tell the newbies.) About 25 years ago I made this folding pocket organizer. It works fairly well except I don't always get the circular needles in the right places. I have a similar fabric pouch for dpn's. Eventually the needles that are used quite often end up in a basket. Then I periodically sort them and try to wrangle them into a semblance of order.

The pocket holder folds and ties.

I put zipper bags in my basket, labeled with the needle size. All size 5's went in the same zippy. That works sometimes.

The canvas hanging devices for circulars seem like a reasonable and functional option, but just didn't seem to be what I was looking for. I ordered a pocket organizer from Knit Picks but it couldn't begin to hold my needle collection. (I should have known better.)

Then I found this canvas and vinyl pocket file organizer in the office supply section of our local WM. There are 13 pockets with tabs. I labeled the tabs with needle sizes using my handy label maker. The pockets are roomy enough to hold several sets of circulars plus dpn's. A special bonus is that the CD holder in the back is perfect for a needle sizer. I doubled up on a few needle sizes so I would have some pockets for other notions. One pocket holds my magnetic chart holder. I still have one empty pocket that I'm sure will come in handy for holding a pattern, magazine, or stray needles that need to be filed.
I like it that the dps's are right there with the circulars. In case the house catches on fire, I can save all my needles in one fell swoop. I'm kidding, folks.
The 13 pocket folder is about $9.
It fits neatly in my favorite knitting basket, leaving plenty of room for my current Tea Leaves cardigan project and an extra skein of wool or two. I LOVE IT!


KPiep said...

I actually just ordered the new Namaste circ. needle holder for my collection. Currently their is a small basket sitting on my bookshelf housing all of my addis in their original packets (because yes, I've had to take them up on their lifetime garuntee more than once) and all of my DPN's organized into bracelt boxes from the craft store, but this system has issues - including portability. I've tried the addi needle pouch - but HATED it. Hopefully the Namaste thing will take care of the circs, and if I can get my toosh in gear I want to make something for my DPN's.

And all of this will be so much better if I can make a designated work space for myself in this house.


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

I love it! I've tried everything from keeping my straights in vases to shoving it all in a Rubbermaid tote and praying for a miracle. One of these days I may find my solution. Until then I will admire yours. :)

Wish I could be there for the music tonight. The Mister is making me go to the Auto Show. It's one of the things he lives for every year. LOL

MttR said...

This is a knitter's paradise:)

Bronwyn said...

There's a contest running on the WEBS blog until 4-28-10 to win an interchangeable needle case from della Q. You have to post a comment on the WEBS blog AND the della Q blog in order to win. Della Q has a lot of other bags and cases, including some in the outlet.

Way to go for getting some spring cleaning done! Come on over!

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