Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's that Thumping Outside Our Window?

Yesterday morning I awoke to one of my favorite sounds, bird song. I lay in bed half-awake, listening, and then hearing an intermittent low, resonant thump. It sounded a bit like a ruffed grouse mating call but different. I walked quietly to the window seat and called Bob over for a look. Below us was a tom turkey, strutting his feathers and wattle, in fine display. Turkeys look very strange up close. It's amazing we even consider eating them when you see one like this up front and personal. There is a window at ground level below our bedroom window so we reasoned he was displaying himself to "the other fellow" in the window. The whole sight was so comical, and yet, quite interesting. The prim and proper female stood nearby, though at a safe distance. Who can blame her for being a bit wary with this guy acting so strangely? He clearly was dancing for her and a potential rival. The photos are quite poor as I was taking them in dim light, through both window and screen. About 15 minutes later it began raining and the two birds stood in the rain, Tom totally deflated and looking very unpuffed up.


MttR said...

Lovely description and photos. I have never seen a wild turkey.

joyknits said...

How cool! I've seen and heard them at a distance, but never close up like this - neat!

KPiep said...

I LONG for the day when I can live close enough to nature to have turkeys outside of my window!

My parents have never had them close to the house...but they always know where the local flock is.

C├ęcile said...

I scanned through all these past blogs to find pictures of Franklin. but these aren't really very good photos. Sorry to say that. Do you have any better pictures?

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