Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Booties for Hope

I made these darling booties from Saartje's pattern. The only change I made was making a real button hole instead of a loop. (The photo distorts the size a bit. They are smaller than they appear to be.) The new mother was hoping for a baby girl, since she already has two boys. I know she is delighted to be dressing her little baby girl in pink! The buttons are a little oversized but I rather liked them that way. My favorite part is the crossover straps. So adorable!

I'm going to drop them off at their house so traditional gift wrap wasn't necessary. I simply tied netting around them and garnished with a pink bow.


katie said...

Adorable! And I love the packaging. Very sweet.

Rowan said...

Those are so pretty for a little girl. I'm busy knitting some rather more masuline looking ones for my grandson along with little retro flying helmets. I've had a request for mittens but finding a nice pattern for a baby is proving harder than I expected - I don't suppose you can suggest a source?

Paula said...

Do you want a thumbless mitten or a classic one? I have an old pattern book from the 1940/50's that I use for most mittens. The thumb comes out the side so there is no right or left. Easier for toddlers and mothers--both! I recently found this pattern online and will post in my blog. (I don't know how to do links in the comment section.) I am a regular visitor to your blog, Rowan.

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