Monday, October 29, 2007

Mittens for Children's Sweet Hands

Rowan asked about a mitten pattern for her grandson. When the boys were young I frequently used an old pattern book for many pair of mittens. Recently I found this pattern book on the Anne of Green Gables Knit Along website. like the way the thumb is positioned on the side so there is no right or left. I'll pass along a little tip with mittens for children: I made tags with our last name and phone number by using seam binding and a fabric pen. I sewed this tag into the cuff of each mitten. Some lost mittens found their way back home as a result. I still have most of the mittens that survived all the walks to school and playing outside in the snow. Last year at Christmas I filled a basket with the old mittens and added some holiday greenery. The boys (now adults) enjoyed looking at their old mittens and photos of themselves wearing them.

Elizabeth Zimmerman also has wonderful mitten patterns in Knitter's Almanac and Knitting Without Tears. I thought she had a thumb-less mitten pattern for infants somewhere in the books, but I can't find it. (Forgive me, Elizabeth!)

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Rowan said...

Thank you so much for answering my query, I never thought of old pattern books, I have several volumes of 1940s knitting books so will look there. The Anne of Ggreen Gables site is wonderful, I've bookmarked it for further exploration when I finally get a few spare minutes - though I begin to wonder whether I'm ever going to have the luxury of spare minutes, life seems to get busier instead of slowing down - better than being bored though:)

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