Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Created The Blob

Last night I finished the Hemlock Ring Shawl from Jared's blog. I joined my first KAL with this shawl and the comments have been helpful. I started knitting The Blob on Sept 15. When the shawl was about 1/2 way out from the center I had a nagging suspicion that something wasn't quite right. Apparently in denial, I kept knitting to the bitter end, including the tedious lace edging (not that tedious really, just not as fun as the other part). Last night I knew I should have listened to my gut and stopped about 10 days ago. I have knitted enough lace to know. Nonetheless, I hopefully carried The Blob with the materials necessary for blocking it to our guest bed. Right away I could see that no amount of blocking was going to turn this Unhappy Amoeba into anything useful or beautiful. There are bubbles and ruffling occurring where there should not be. My guess is that (1) I should have knit on a larger needle to allow for more stretching and (2) Alpaca is perhaps not as forgiving and elastic as wool. As soon as The Blob dries completely I am going to unravel it. I still want to do this project but I may choose a different yarn. Jared, who started this mania, used Cascade Eco Wool. His shawl is beautiful! Any thoughts/suggestions on my Unhappy Amoeba, aka The Blob, are appreciated!


Hoc Age said...

My sympathies... truly... after all that work. I am sorry I have no useful suggestions, other than a glass of very nice wine (if you do partake). There is a popular bumper stick up here in Alaska that says "A bad day fishing beats a good day working." My knitting prospective is even if the project didn't work out, you were still knitting. I wish you better luck on your next knitting adventure.

Paula said...

I agree on your philosophy. The alpaca is wonderful to work with and when I figure out whether I can remedy the situation with a looser gauge I may take it out only to the flower in the middle and proceed from that point on. Others on the KAL have had the same problem but many have not. I have enjoyed the process of knitting the shawl/blanket, and it is not as if I NEED it right now, for a gift or otherwise. Thanks for your thoughts on this. It's nice to commisserate with others who understand.

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