Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wee Things

After finishing my son's sweater I relaxed with some smaller projects which were quite fun. I have no idea who the recipients of these will be. Usually I like to have a specific person in mind for a work in progress. With these I just enjoyed letting the cotton yarn through my fingers and watched the colors passing by. I used the readily available Peaches and Cream. Each stuffed animal used almost exactly one ball. That's a lot of fun for two bucks. I would like to find a source for natural stuffing for the animals. Please post your suggestions! The patterns for all items are from Louisa Harding's Natural Knits for Moms and Babies.
I made this apple pie on Christmas morning. It tasted as good as it looks! I highly recommend The New Best Recipe Cookbook by the authors of Cook's Illustrated. Each recipe is tested many times. This pie crust recipe uses both shortening and butter. It is delicious. I didn't use their filling recipe exactly because I like a little more spice in the filling.


Mama Lamb said...

We stuff things with wool batting... it can be pricier than buying polyester - and you must be careful as it will felt if you wash it incorrectly...they carry it at Magic Cabin and other online places that specialize in Waldorf style doll making supplies (like A Child's Dream Come True, etc.) Here is a link to Magic Cabin, but google wool stuffing and price it several places.

Paula said...

Thank you for the suggestion! I will check it out.

Knitted Gems said...

I don't have any stuffing suggestions. I just wanted to say that your rabbits are super cute and your pie is making me hungry. -smile-
Have a great day!

Rowan said...

I'm so pleased to see these pictures as I got the Louisa Harding book for Christmas. The little animals are gorgeous. That apple pie looks good too.

Paula said...

You will enjoy the book, Rowan. I made the kimono sweater in August.

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