Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silly Knitting!

This is easily the least functional knitting I have ever done, but I am having a blast with it! My energy comes from the fact that most of these will go to a charity event. Friends of ours lost their son to leukemia several years ago. They organize a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society each February to honor their son's birthday. This event keeps them busy in the months prior to Christmas and RB's birthday so they do not dwell on their profound loss quite as much. One part of the fundraiser is a bake sale. So I thought, "Why not knit some cupcakes?"

I am still going to bake several loaves

of whole wheat bread but in the meanwhile, here come the cupcakes!

By the way, I entered this pattern on Ravelry yesterday afternoon and it has been viewed 23 times! In contrast, most of my other projects have only been viewed once or not at all. Go figure! My Ravelry name is PrairiePiper.

I am using the loveliest yarn for the "papers". It is Bernat's Soy Natural Blends in celery, sea mist, and sugar cane. The yellow cupcake paper is made with old cotton yarn from my stash and wasn't much fun. This soy yarn (50% soy and 50% acrylic) will be great for baby items, too. It is so soft in the hand. The "frosting" is made from Paton's Be Mine. It is a fussy and fuzzy "fashion yarn" and therefore tricky. Fortunately, the tops are only about 7 rounds so I don't have to deal with it much. These cupcakes will not add any pounds to my body!
Perhaps I am being unrealistic but I am hoping to get $15 for each cupcake. It takes about 2 hours to make one and this is a charity event so people should be willing to pay more. What do you think?


Knitted Gems said...

These cupcakes are fantastic looking. I'm sure they will brighten your friend's day.

Thanks for sharing your Ravelry username. I'm off to go check out your project now. My name is knittedgems.

knititch said...

i think the prize sounds more than reasonable and being a charity maybe 20 usd would be ok.

i love the little person in the tartan kilt and the aran sweater in a previous post. this is how i imagine my great niece to dress. i have no idea if the parents share my penchant for the celtic look.

MRS MJW said...

those are so adorable. they make me want to cheat on my and yarn diets!

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