Friday, February 1, 2008

It is a SNOW DAY!

Last night we had several inches of snow. From the looks of the table on our back deck, it is about 5 or 6 inches. Some areas near us got as much as 10 inches. With all the blowing and drifting, all schools have cancelled, including the university where my husband teaches. In all his years of teaching they have only cancelled classes 3 times. While he is shoveling I am baking whole grain bread and playing on the computer and (soon) knitting.

Snow makes me think of mittens and I realized that some of my mittens did not make it into the "pod". The blue ones are fingerless and I sometimes use them when our pipe band plays in cold parades, which is sometimes the case on St. Patrick's Day. I can't play well with them on actually, but I play better than I do with frozen fingers.

The cream, blue, and brown mittens are from Robin Hansens Fox Geese and Fences book. The pattern is called Fox Geese and Fences and is so fun to knit. I have worn these mittens so much that they have worn out several times and I keep repairing. The first time I repaired them I tried actually knitting a patch that would match but since then I have just darned them rather clumsily. They do deserve better treatment and they need darning now.

The brown pair with red stripes on the cuff are just ordinary everyday mittens. They are very servicable and have a homespun look to them.
Does anyone using blogger have advice about placement of photos? When I add photos onto my blog there seems to be no rhyme or reason about where they show up. It is often difficult to place them where I really want them. Thanks in advance!


Birte said...

Oooo snow, so nice! I wish we would get some inches of snow, just for a few days, and afterwards spring could return!

I do have problems with the pics in blogger too, but thought it was because i don't use internet explorer. I cut and paste from "edit html".

Paula said...

I'll try that, Birte. I can drag photos to rearrange them but they still don't always end up in the right place.

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