Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mostly Mittens

The Fiesta Mittens are finished and blocked. They were a pleasure to knit although turning the corners on the dpn's and keeping the yarn loose enough on the carries was a challenge, as I mentioned previously. Still, the end result is quite fine! Don't you just love those thumbs?

I started on a pair of Newfoundland Mitts Revisted, a pattern by Creative Whimsey. The real thrill was getting into my stash and finding two yarns that are a match made in heaven. The solid color is part of a kit I bought from Blackberry Mills. It is a bit of an odd color: green with teal overtones. Then I discovered a rolled brim hat in my stash that I had made from the top down in Kureyon. It was finished except for sewing in the ends. After knitting it I realized I would probably never wear it, nor could I think of anyone who would. The yarn has bits of the EXACT same green/teal color in it. The color is so perfect that at times I've been momentarily confused, thinking I was picking up the wrong strand. This pattern is so fun to knit and looks so cozy to boot! I just started knitting last night, after making a gauge swatch and the first mitten is already a good couple of inches past the thumb opening. The photo does not do justice to the color, which is not as close to teal as the photo indicates. I was photographing in poor light. I will get a better photo as I progress.


sheila said...

I really love your mittens! I have only made some fingerless mittens and I found it to get annoying (the dpns in the smaller sizes always bug me!). However, after seeing all of your great new pairs, I may have to try again!

Knitted Gems said...

Beautiful mittens! I hope you are keeping them for yourself. They would be so much fun to wear!

Hoc Age said...

Those thumbs are definately cool, you won't have a problem getting a ride hitch hiking.
Beautiful mittens, great colour selection!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely colours.

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