Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Party Time! Fiesta Mittens!

I started a new project although I am not finished with the cupcakes for the fundraiser on Saturday. I have 5 "frostings" to make and then need to stuff the cupcakes and sew bottom top. I have already made enough of the cupcake bottoms and I knew if I did that much I would at least finish them all. I just love the Bernat Soy Blend, so much that I bought more for my stash. It will be soft and cuddly for baby items. I used to be totally a wool person but the reality is that most young moms today do not want to be bothered with handwashing. Wool items, unless they are treated so they can be machine washed, are likely to end up as accidentally felted items and then of little use to anyone. Also, the new blends are a lot better than they were 20 years ago.

My new project is Fiesta Mittens, a kit I bought from Lucy Neatby, when I attended a Knit-In sponsored by the Janesville WI Knitting Guild several years ago. It took me a while to get my gauge small enough: 10 st to the inch on a size zero needle. Inspired by someone on Ravelry, I dressed up the cuff a bit. I'm not sure how much I like the garter stitch border, but I like it enough to not rip out and start over. I have mixed feelings so far about the kit pattern itself. The pattern could be a bit clearer. The actual color pattern is fairly simple as you are only working color every other round so you can snooze on the plain rounds. The carries on the sides are making it tricky to keep from pulling there.

I just started working on this mitten Sunday, so it's moving along fairly well. I took my cupcake knitting to a Super Bowl Party since I can work on those and look at the television occasionally. The Fiesta Mittens are a more concentrated effort, especially in the beginning. Now that the pattern is established, they are a lot simpler.


Birte said...

Wow, they look complicated! But pretty.

Knitted Gems said...

I love all the fun, bright colors in your Fiesta mittens. I'm glad you decided to tweek the cuff. I think it looks much better your way.

sheila said...

Those mittens look great! I love the bright colors!

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