Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snowflakes and Soybeans

We are having another snowy winter with over 20 snowfalls since Thanksgiving. In addition to that we've had tornadoes, thundersnow, and snowfog--all unusual weather phenomena. Monday night we went to bed with a forecast of snow during the night. We awoke to a very wet snow clinging to every branch, acorn, and bit of ground. The shoveling was tough because the snow was so wet. My husband got a good start on the driveway before he left for work and I finished it off in two work sessions during the day.

The birds would say "thank you" if they could. They do thank us with their energy, antics, and music. They are beginning to sing these days as the mating season approaches.

Although I've had very busy days recently getting ready for an Open House for my business, I did sneak in some knitting time to start on another Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan. The true color is a bit softer than it appears in the photo. I am using Bernat's Soy Natural Blend. I love the feel of this yarn and I like the idea of using soybeans which are grown all over my home state.

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Birte said...

Aww... I wish we had had at least some of your snow. There really was no winter this winter in denmark :o(

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