Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Flames in the House

Last night I was cooking dinner and decided to cook a potato in the microwave. As I bustled about the kitchen putting finishing touches on the meal, a sudden BANG and flash of light from the microwave sent me running across the room to the microwave. There were flames inside the microwave, which shut itself off about the time I got there. Smoke was billowing out of the oven and cabinet into the room. I turned on the kitchen exhaust fan and began opening windows. Fortunately, the temperature wasn't that cold, in the mid-30's. I raced around the house like a madwoman,waving at the smoke and opening windows and hoping the smoke alarms would not go off. When my husband came home we both tried various methods to remove the stench of the smoke. We removed the microwave from the house and put it in the garage, wiped the cabinet with vinegar, set out baking soda, boiled cinnamon sticks and orange peels on the stove, and kept windows open. You wouldn't believe the stench that could come from one little potato! This morning it is a lot better but the cabinet still has a strong odor. I have trays of baking soda sitting inside of it to absorb the odor, but I'm afraid it will take a while. We think this particular potato might have been drier than usual which is why it burst into flames. Anyway, BE CAREFUL! Never leave the room if you have something in the microwave. I know I have been guilty of walking away for a few minutes and I will never do that again.

And now another caveat (also related to flames). On the weekend my husband discovered an old jacket he had been wearing in the fall when he cleared the lot next to us. He had taken off the jacket in the basement and laid it over a cardboard box. He discovered a hole in the sleeve in the crook of the elbow. My first thought was MICE; however, the edges are melted all around the stuffing. We believe the hole must have been caused by a burning ember. The hole is about the size of the palm of my hand. We hate to think what might have happened if that coat had caught the cardboard box on fire!

I finished the first Fiesta Mitten (minus the thumb) last night while listening to election returns. Thanks for you kind comments! In retrospect a braided edge on that cuff would have been perfect! I am contemplating starting over so I can add that detail but I'm not sure I REALLY want to do that. I may have enough wool left over after mitten #2 to make a child's pair and then could add the braid.

The Flying Swallow pattern is great fun to knit and really is easier than it looks!


Knitted Gems said...

Gosh, how scary! Thank goodness, you only have a lingering smell to worry about and not a burnt kitchen.

Paula said...

You are so right!

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