Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Harmony Knitting Needles

I've been peering out my door daily for my package from Knit Picks. Today I was rewarded and tore into the package. I had ordered 4 32" circulars in small sizes and the set of Harmony Wood DPN's in sizes 0 through 3.25. I am IN LOVE with all these needles. Although I know it is not a good idea to switch needles in the middle of a project I had to do it once I felt the Harmony needles. My Fiesta Mittens are being knit with bamboo needles from my local yarn shop. What a difference the Harmony needles make! Some of the other needles of this reputable brand felt like the ends of toothpicks. They were sharp and hurt my fingers. The Harmony needles are perfectly named because they do make knitting more harmonious! THANK YOU, Knit Picks! Not only are these the best but they are also very reasonable. As for the Knit Picks circulars, I can already tell I will love them also. The cable is very flexible and the join is very smooth. I am going to work on learning the Magic Loop method for knitting in the round.

Tonight I have my beginning knitters class at church and can't wait to show them these new needles.

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