Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Loopiness

Thanks to those who have encouraged my Magic Loop Knitting. I started on a baby sock to become more familiar with the technique. I am still rather clumsy when I reach the end of one needle and then have to make the other needle the working needle. I am not sure whether to push or pull. Neither seems natural yet but I am working on it. I also need to figure out how tightly to pull the yarn on the first stitch. Too tight and it is difficult to get it onto the cable next time and too loose and you end up with a gap, the same that can happen when knitting on dpn's.

The Fiesta Mittens are finished and I will post a photo after blocking.


EGunn said...

I use the magic loop knitting a lot for big projects (I do all my knitting on circs), but I really prefer the two-circs method for socks. If you decide you don't love the magic loop so much, I'd try two circs for little things; they are sometimes a little easier to manage. Have fun! =)

The Knitted Squirrel said...

Here is the link for knitting 2 socks on the magic loop at the same time.
I was originally shown how to do the Magic loop but figured out the 2 socks at one time thing from that site. Give it a try...if you need any help let me know. Good luck!

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